India Signs MoU on Tourism with ASEAN

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  • The MoU was signed at Manado,Indonesia Jan 12, 2012.
  • MoU between India and ASEAN would serve as the key instrument for more action oriented cooperation, encouraging both parties to cooperate in facilitating travel and tourist visit and further strengthening the close tourism partnership. 
  • There is great progress made in the implementation of the work plan for the development of ASEAN-India cooperation in Buddhist pilgrimage tourism including the production and promotion of materials and documentary films on Buddhist pilgrimage in ASEAN-India. 
  • The establishment of ASEAN Promotional Chapter in Mumbai would act as a tourism marketing and promotion agency of ASEAN National Tourism Organisation
  • There is proposed ASEAN-India car rally to be held this year. This rally would mark another meaningful step towards tourism cooperation and at the same time reflect the existence of land connectivity that would facilitate tourism exchange between ASEAN and India.
  • The ASEAN-India Tourism Ministers held their Third Meeting on Jan 12 in Manado, Indonesia in conjunction with the meeting of the ASEAN Tourism Forum. The Meeting was jointly chaired by Shri Subodh Kant Sahai, Union Minister of Tourism and Dr Mari Elka Pangestu, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia
  • The Prime Minister of India had announced during the 9th ASEAN Summit held at Bali on November 19, 2011 that a Memorandum of Understanding on strengthening tourism cooperation between India and ASEAN would be signed preferably at the Meeting of ASEAN-India Tourism Minister in early 2012. Consequent to the announcement made by the Prime Minister the MoU has been signed between India and ASEAN on strengthening tourism cooperation.
The main objectives of the MoU are to :
  • Cooperate in facilitating travel and tourist visits.
  • Further strengthen the tourism partnership.
  • Enhance mutual assistance and human resource development for tourism sector
  • Take necessary steps for exploring avenues of cooperation and sharing of information.
  • Exchange information pertaining to statistics and development strategies, investment opportunities and economic data in tourism, travel and hospitality sectors relevant to each other.
  • Jointly organize seminars, workshops and face-to-face meetings wherever possible, with a view to exploring and discussing new opportunities and avenues for the development and promotion of tourism and
  • Any other area of activity aiming at tourism cooperation.

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